Who's who

Welcome to our “who’s who” page. Below are pictures of the various members of our leadership team. When it came to having our photos taken, the photographer asked us to bring along an item that is special to us, apart from a Bible. You will see below different items for different people along with some who just forgot – we are only human!

We do hope that you will come and join us for worship one Sunday and discover us in full colour!

Sandra Platford


Revd Sandra Platford was called to be the minister of Godalming Baptist Church her Induction took place on Saturday 2nd February 2019. We are so excited to see all that God has planned for the community of believers of Godalming Baptist Church during this new chapter of our lives together.

Sandra trained at Spurgeons College and Graduated June 2013 with a Hons Degree in Mission and Ministry and was Ordained at Waterlooville Baptist Church  in July 2013 where she was their Pastoral Assistant and then their Minister In Training.  Sandra is passionate about the transforming work of God's word through the Holy Spirit and is so thankful that when she was far off she was brought near to God by the blood of Christ.  

Sandra is married to Bryan who works at Guildford Crematorium and they have 5 Children, 4 of whom do not live locally  and 4 gorgeous grandchildren.  Revd Sandra came to us after serving as Sole Minister for just over 5 years at Aldershot Baptist Church, her heart is to equip the Saints for the work that God has prepared for them to do in advance.  Her heart is not only for building up the body of the church but for us,  as a people to Go and make disciples, to engage with and listen to the needs of the community and to be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever we find ourselves, wherever our front line is; at the school gates, in the nursing home, in our place of work, to our neighbours.

Jackie Farrow


What do you do Monday to Friday:

I used to be a librarian (ssh!), working for The Guardian as a researcher and then was Information Manager for the environmental charity WWF, but since having children I've changed direction and am now a Teaching Assistant at a local Junior School in the mornings, and a Special Needs TA at an Infant School in the afternoons. I also have my own business running children's art classes and parties (and getting very glittery).

Like and dislikes:

I love dancing (badly, but with enthusiasm), picnics, paddling, camping and running.  I don't like runny egg-whites, kangaroos or jazz.

Family, Children, Pets:

I am married to Matt and have two children - Molly (7) and Charlie (5). Our two cats enjoy sitting on important documents. Our house is bulging at the seams so I am planning to build an extension out of Lego.

Two Sentence Testimony:

I grew up as part of the church family of Frinton Free Church, and consciously gave my life to Jesus at a Billy Graham mission when I was 10. I drifted away from God in my 20s but luckily for me, He is a loving and patient Father and guided me to Queen Street in 2006. Any thoughts of hiding at the back of the church and not having to talk to anyone were scuppered by Jim Brunt!




Nicholas Hetherington


Catherine Lawton


What do you do Monday to Friday?

I recently retired from nursing after 24 years as palliative care nurse (38 years as a nurse) as I feel God is calling me into children’s ministry. I am sure that my day will be taken up with my new role but I have also joined a rock choir as I love singing - although it doesn’t love me as much as it used to.

Likes and dislikes:

I dislike Grumpy old men, exercise (necessary but evil), sharing my chocolate and telephone cold calling.

I like grumpy old men; they present me with a challenge, dancing and singing so I love discos, parties and weddings which grumpy old men hate. Slapstick comedy especially Norman Wisdom. I would like to have tea with Dawn French or Julie Walters and I think Nelson Mandela was a wonderful human being.

Family and pets:

Jeff and I have 3 grown up children: Rebecca and then twins Rosie and Jem, so I know all about hard work. I have two new cats - mummy called Madiba Jellybean and baby Frida Lemon love cake.

Two sentence testimony:

As a child I joined the church choir to earn 5 bob for weddings where my mum worshipped. At 28 I decided to search for a God after a difficult experience. After trying out a number of different types of church I felt particularly at home in Queen Street. I recognised Jesus as my saviour and I was baptised at the age of 30. Thank God for his unfailing love and patience.

Andrew Lucas