Who's who

Welcome to our “who’s who” page. Below are pictures of the various members of our leadership team. When it came to having our photos taken, the photographer asked us to bring along an item that is special to us, apart from a Bible. You will see below different items for different people along with some who just forgot – we are only human!

We do hope that you will come and join us for worship one Sunday and discover us in full colour!


Roger Barnett

Designated person for Safeguarding Adults at risk

(Written September 2022) : I have been a member of Godalming Baptist Church for more than 50 years! My wife, Lesley and I moved from London where I was baptised as a believer at Merton Park Baptist Church whilst a member of the Boys' Brigade. During my years at GBC I have led the children's work and served as a Deacon and Church Secretary. I have been Secretary of the former North Downs Baptist Association, Moderator ( Chairperson) of the South Eastern Baptist Association and a member of the Baptist Union Council. I am currently the Designated Person for Safegaurding of adults at risk and have a particular interest in the involvement of people with disabilities in the whole of church life. In this respect I am pleased to support Count Everyone In and Open Hands Guildford in their work with adults with learning disabilities. 

Pete Barringer

Deacon & Worship Leader

(Written September 2022) :

I have such a passion for worship, and love leading worship. I have been a professional song writer for many years & have managed to travel the world.

Family is a massive part of my being & I love having large groups of friends in my life. I have a wife Clare & a son called Sam.

I enjoy cycling. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and I also love fish!

I also love a good joke so don't take me too seriously.




Tony Bennewith


What do I do from Monday to Friday

I have my own accountancy practice in Guildford and have worked in accountancy all my life so far.  We specialise in Charities and are often able to help charity clients out with meeting the costs of the work we do for them.  I go abroad with charity clients to Cairo, Dubai, Cyprus, Georgia and Israel.


Likes and dislikes

I enjoy skiing, walking, opera and holidays in the UK.  I dislike flying but have to do it.



I have been married to Babs for 55 years and we have 5 children and 17 grandchildren.  We also had a Downs Syndrome foster daughter for 8 years.  We currently have one dog and one cat.



I was brought up in a Christian home and never in my life did I not believe in God.  When young it was more God fearing than God loving but at the age of 14 I realised that there was something missing in my life and gave my life to Christ kneeling in our pastor’s study at the little Baptist Chapel I attended in South East London.


My role

I was  a youth leader in London and also youth leader at Godalming Baptist Church from 1975 until 1995.  I had 9 years as a deacon so this is my second stint.  Babs and I led a Bible camp for young people from 1970 until 1995 called Camp Challenge.  I led and Babs cooked!  We had up to 135 young people come each year and many came to know Jesus through the years.  I am not very practical and can add nothing to discussions about the fabric of the church!  I just want to be in God’s will.


Malcolm Bowgett


Rev'd Peter Jackson


( Written September 2022 ) :

What I do Monday to Friday

I am a people person and as the Pastor of the Church much of my week is spent visiting and chatting to people. Also I prepare sermons, have meetings, conduct the occasional funeral, study, deal with emails, among other things. I do get concerned when people comment that I am very busy - I am not - and always want to be available to people and be ready for the unexpected.

I originate from near Manchester and am on a mission to 'the South' encouraging people to 'talk proper !' 

Likes and Dislikes 

I am a thespian and have loved anything to do with theatre ever since my days at Primary school when we had a converted cellar made into a theatre. I am NOT the Peter Jackson who directed 'The Hobbit' & 'Lord of the rings' but I have directed a number of productions over the years in schools and church. I enjoy acting and also am a big fan of the Guildford Shakespeare Company. I also like walking, going to the gym, reading  - and eating! ( I was the self appointed eating deacon at Millmead.) 

I dislike pickles, mustard, birds flying around inside or too close to me and people who are conclusive and dogmatic. 


I am married to Chris and we have 3 grown up sons and 9 grand children, expensive when it comes to Christmas!


I grew up attending the Anglican church in my village but became a Christian after experiencing God at a Baptist Church in Nottingham. I was baptised at the beginning of January 1971 and filled with the Holy Spirit later in the 1970's. In 1980 I felt called to leave teaching and trained to be a Baptist minister - I led a church in Ruddington, Notts until I moved to Guildford to become an associate minister at Guildford Baptist Church in 1991. I fully retired in 2013 - but have recently been re- tyred to serve as Pastor at Godalming Baptist Church.    

Maureen Jones


 ( Written October 2020) :

What do you do from Monday to Friday?

 I retired from life as a teacher of chemistry and general science 25 years ago so now all I do is ‘voluntary’ but life now seems much busier! Whereas previously I went to the same school every day and, depending on the day of the week and time of the day, I taught the same children the same subjects. Now, in normal circumstances, each day I have to think where to go, what I am doing and who I am doing it with! I regularly work at RHS Wisley as a garden guide and occasionally also work with the Advisory team and the Events team which keeps my mind and my body very active! I am in a choir and find different activities at the church and entertaining at home keep my life very full. Since being at GBC I have discovered things that I never knew I could do …. like cooking for large numbers! I now cook for our fortnightly Friendship Lunch and on Christmas Day for those who are on their own, a traditional lunch for well over a hundred people. 

Likes and Dislikes

I love gardening but moving house eight years ago changed my emphasis from formal gardening and self sufficiency to a more wildlife oriented garden also growing fruit and some vegetables. I must admit to frustration with some wildlife after visits from badgers who did so much damage so I now attempt to keep them out along with the deer. I love choral singing. I really enjoy travelling and discovering new landscapes, flora and fauna but am saddened when I see the conditions that some people live in.

Family children and pets

I have a son called Ian (53), who is my IT advisor, who shares my love of the countryside so we take long walks finding new places and new views. My daughter, Corinne, is 50 and lives in the West Country. She and her husband enjoyed walking the coastline of North Devon and Cornwall until she became a victim of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), formerly known as ME, and now struggles with life but lives in hope of recovery.

Two sentence testimony

I was bought up very strictly and, as a teenager rebelled. However due to the influence of some Christian girls at school and reading books which I had been given as Sunday school prizes I eventually recognised Jesus as my Saviour and now know Him as a constant companion and friend. Studying science has put me in awe and wonder of God the Creator.



Catherine Lawton

Deacon & Deputy Designated Person for Safeguarding Children

( Written September 2015) :
What do you do Monday to Friday?

I recently retired from nursing after 24 years as palliative care nurse (38 years as a nurse) as I feel God is calling me into children’s ministry. I am sure that my day will be taken up with my new role but I have also joined a rock choir as I love singing - although it doesn’t love me as much as it used to.

Likes and dislikes:

I dislike exercise (necessary but evil), sharing my chocolate and telephone cold calling.

I like dancing and singing so I love discos, parties and weddings! Slapstick comedy especially Norman Wisdom. I would like to have tea with Dawn French or Julie Walters and I think Nelson Mandela was a wonderful human being.

Family and pets:

Jeff and I have 3 grown up children: Rebecca and then twins Rosie and Jem, so I know all about hard work. I have two new cats - mummy called Madiba Jellybean and baby Frida Lemon love cake.

Two sentence testimony:

As a child I joined the church choir to earn 5 bob for weddings where my mum worshipped. At 28 I decided to search for a God after a difficult experience. After trying out a number of different types of church I felt particularly at home in Queen Street. I recognised Jesus as my saviour and I was baptised at the age of 30. Thank God for his unfailing love and patience.

Andrew Lucas


Treasurer since 2019

Steph Lucas

Deacon & Designated Person for Safeguarding children

( Written October 2020 )

What do you do Monday to Friday:

I am a junior school teacher and tutor. I teach part time and do some supply cover with some tutoring work in the evenings. I also enjoy helping with the children's work and mid-week groups at church. I am a trustee for the Ratidzo Trust charity and have a passion for mission. My other interests include: singing, music, reading and going on holiday with my family!

Like and dislikes:

I love singing, reading, walking and running.  I don't like broad beans, fresh coriander or going to the dentist!

Family, Children, Pets:

I am married to Pete and have three grown up children: Jessica, Hannah and Isaac. 

Two Sentence Testimony:

I grew up as part of the church family here at Godalming Baptist Church; I gave my life to Jesus when I was about 8 years old and was baptised when I was 12. I loved going to all the children's groups, including Girls Brigade, Covenanters, and the YPF, where I met my husband. We were married at the church in 1989 and after living in Bognor Regis for a few years, where we started a family, we moved back to Godalming and joined the church here again in 1996.


Sally Pollard

Pastoral Worker

( Written September 2022) :

I am the pastoral worker at Godalming Baptist Church which is a great privilege.

I visit folk in their homes at times of illness, family difficulties, coping with work/home problems, coping with bereavement, depression, loneliness and visiting those who are house bound. I also visit folk in Care homes, hospitals & cafes to get to know everyone in the fellowship better and to develop links with the local community.

My main aim is to offer a confidential listening ear and to lovingly support folk through life's journey of joy and pain, showing love, acceptance, understanding and encouragement. With other wonderful members of the fellowship I organise for church folk and our community - ' Friendship ' lunches, Games afternoons, Art Space, Connect women's social activities & Life Issue seminars eg: bereavement, loneliness and other subjects that affect us at different times.

I also run the library. A great resource to encourage and equip us on life's journey. 

I do child care for my grandchildren which keeps me in touch with all ages. 

 Likes & dislikes - I love walking, dancing, being in the garden, reading, listening to a wide range of music and meeting people of all ages - one to one.

I don't like rolling car ferries and catamarans. Walking into a crowded room and circulating. Lifts and any fair ground rides that go round or up and down. The computer when I can't get it to work and emails that are not answered.

Family, Children and pets - I am married to Bill, a golfer and cyclist fanatic and I have 2 children, 3 grand children and a very old Springer Spaniel - Charlie.

Testimony - My dear Mum and I went to churches we could walk to, so I am very ecumenical and feel that we are all one church and denominations don't matter. Faith is very important to me - though not easy at times. But I have to believe that God loves us all and that 'Love' is the greatest gift that we can share with each other to try and reflect how much God loves each and every one of us.





Marion Toombs

Deacon & Safeguarding Trustee

(Written September 2022) :

What I do Monday to Friday
I retired several years ago as Headteacher of a Church of England Infant School and these days I spend my time taking care of my husband of 60 years and trying to keep our house and garden tidy. I can be found on Thursday mornings at The Ark, our mother and toddler group where I have helped for about 18 years.

My likes and dislikes
I like nature and the countryside. (My main subject at college of education was Natural Science). I enjoy doing crossword puzzles and cruising. I dislike disorder and people who queue jump.

Family and pets
I live with my husband and Cockapoo, Bobby. I have a son and a daughter who live close to Godalming, both of whom are teachers, a lovely daughter and son in law and 3 grandchildren, two of whom are teenagers and one an accountant.

My testimony
I gave my life to Jesus when I was 10 years old at a Billy Graham meeting in London. This was thanks to the nurturing I had received at the church I attended in London. God has blessed me in so many ways all through my life and I am pleased to be a Child of God.