Catherine Lawton


What do you do Monday to Friday?

I recently retired from nursing after 24 years as palliative care nurse (38 years as a nurse) as I feel God is calling me into children’s ministry. I am sure that my day will be taken up with my new role but I have also joined a rock choir as I love singing - although it doesn’t love me as much as it used to.

Likes and dislikes:

I dislike Grumpy old men, exercise (necessary but evil), sharing my chocolate and telephone cold calling.

I like grumpy old men; they present me with a challenge, dancing and singing so I love discos, parties and weddings which grumpy old men hate. Slapstick comedy especially Norman Wisdom. I would like to have tea with Dawn French or Julie Walters and I think Nelson Mandela was a wonderful human being.

Family and pets:

Jeff and I have 3 grown up children: Rebecca and then twins Rosie and Jem, so I know all about hard work. I have two new cats - mummy called Madiba Jellybean and baby Frida Lemon love cake.

Two sentence testimony:

As a child I joined the church choir to earn 5 bob for weddings where my mum worshipped. At 28 I decided to search for a God after a difficult experience. After trying out a number of different types of church I felt particularly at home in Queen Street. I recognised Jesus as my saviour and I was baptised at the age of 30. Thank God for his unfailing love and patience.