Mothering Sunday – Ideas for Sunday school at home!

Celebrate Mums

Warm up

Let the children watch the video and then ask them which of the things their mums have said to them. Why do our mums say things like this?

Bring out the point that our mums love us very much and want what’s best for us!

The Point: To get the children to think about how our mums feel about us and the things they say.

Bible story

Read the Bible story of Hannah and Samuel - see the link below

Discuss these questions:

  • Why was Hannah sad at the beginning of the story?
  • What did she promise to God if He gave her a baby?
  • What did God do?
  • What did Hannah call the baby?
  • When he was big enough, where did Hannah take Samuel?
  • What did Eli teach Samuel?
  • Who talked to Samuel in the night?

Ask the children if they think it was easy for Hannah to leave Samuel with Eli. Why did she do it? What was the result of her doing that hard thing?

Bring out the point that Samuel became someone very special in the history of God’s people. He was able to hear what God was saying and tell the people. If Hannah hadn’t have kept her promise, that might not have been the case. Make sure the children know that Hannah loved Samuel very much and still visited him - she didn’t just abandon him completely.

The Point: To look at the story of a Biblical mother. 

Craft ideas:

Design a certificate for mum with the words- This certificate is awarded to the mother of …

Make cupcakes to celebrate Mother’s day

A mother’s day card