Maureen Jones


 What do you do from Monday to Friday?

 I retired from life as a teacher of chemistry and general science 25 years ago so now all I do is ‘voluntary’ but life now seems much busier! Whereas previously I went to the same school every day and, depending on the day of the week and time of the day, I taught the same children the same subjects. Now, in normal circumstances, each day I have to think where to go, what I am doing and who I am doing it with! I regularly work at RHS Wisley as a garden guide and occasionally also work with the Advisory team and the Events team which keeps my mind and my body very active! I am in a choir and find different activities at the church and entertaining at home keep my life very full. Since being at GBC I have discovered things that I never knew I could do …. like cooking for large numbers! I now cook for our fortnightly Friendship Lunch and on Christmas Day for those who are on their own, a traditional lunch for well over a hundred people. 

Likes and Dislikes

I love gardening but moving house eight years ago changed my emphasis from formal gardening and self sufficiency to a more wildlife oriented garden also growing fruit and some vegetables. I must admit to frustration with some wildlife after visits from badgers who did so much damage so I now attempt to keep them out along with the deer. I love choral singing. I really enjoy travelling and discovering new landscapes, flora and fauna but am saddened when I see the conditions that some people live in.

Family children and pets

I have a son called Ian (53), who is my IT advisor, who shares my love of the countryside so we take long walks finding new places and new views. My daughter, Corinne, is 50 and lives in the West Country. She and her husband enjoyed walking the coastline of North Devon and Cornwall until she became a victim of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), formerly known as ME, and now struggles with life but lives in hope of recovery.

Two sentence testimony

I was bought up very strictly and, as a teenager rebelled. However due to the influence of some Christian girls at school and reading books which I had been given as Sunday school prizes I eventually recognised Jesus as my Saviour and now know Him as a constant companion and friend. Studying science has put me in awe and wonder of God the Creator.